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About Company

Established in 2001, Universe Optical has developed into one of the leading professional lens manufacturers with strong combination of production, R&D capabilities and international sale experience. We are dedicated to supplying a portfolio of high quality lens products including stock lens and digital free-form RX lens.

Our Quality

All lenses are made from high quality materials and thoroughly inspected and tested according to the strictest industry criteria after every step of production processes. The markets are keeping changing, but our original aspiration to quality doesn't change.

Our Products

Our lens products involves almost all types of lenses, from the most classic single vision lens 1.499~1.74 index, finished and semi-finished, bifocal and multi-focal, to the various functional lenses, such as bluecut lenses, photochromic lenses, special coatings, etc. Also, we have high-end RX lab and edging&fitting lab.

Driven by passion for innovation and technology, Universe is constantly breaking through boundaries and create new lens products.

Our Service

We have over 100 engineering and technical staffs to ensure our products more reliable and our service more professional.

All of us are well trained with the professional lens products and international trading knowledge. Working with us, you will find our difference from others: our responsible behavior principles, comfortable and punctual communication, professional resolution and recommends, etc. 

Our Team

Exporting as the main business, our company have a professional exporting team of more than 50 persons, with everyone performing each own duty timely and effectively. Every customer, big or small, old or new, will have considerate service from us. 

Our Sales

About 90% of our products are exported worldwide to nearly 400 customers spreading over 85 countries totally. After decades of exporting, we have accumulated and grasped rich experience and knowledge of the different markets.