• Coatings



    The MR ™ Series are the urethane Get rid of the irritating fog from your glasses! The MR ™ Series are the urethane With winter coming, glasses wearers may experience more inconvenience --- the lens is easily get foggy. Also, we are oft...
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  • Super Hydrophobic

    Super Hydrophobic

    Super hydrophobic is a special coating technology, which creates hydrophobic property to the lens surface and makes the lens always clean and clear. Features - Repels moisture and oily substances thanks to hydrop...
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  • Bluecut Coating

    Bluecut Coating

    Bluecut Coating A special coating technology applied to lenses, which helps to block the harmful blue light, particularly the blue lights from various electronic device. Benefits •Best protection from artificial b...
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  • Lux-Vision


    Lux-Vision Innovative less reflection coating LUX-VISION is a new coating innovation with very small reflection, anti-scratch treatment, and superb resistance to water, dust and smudge. Obviously improved clarity and contrast provide you unparalleled ...
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  • Lux-Vision DRIVE

    Lux-Vision DRIVE

    Lux-Vision DRIVE Innovative less reflection coating Thanks to an innovative filtering technology, Lux-Vision DRIVE lens is now able to reduce the blinding effect of reflection and glare during night driving, as well as the reflection from...
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