• Designs

  • Dual Aspheric

    Dual Aspheric

    TO SEE BETTER AND TO BE SEEN BETTER. Bluecut lenses by bluecut coating technology Property of View Max • Omni-directional aberration correction on both sides A clear and wide ...
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  • Camber Technology

    Camber Technology

    Camber Lens Series is a new family of lenses calculated by Camber Technolgy, which combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction. The unique, continuously changing surface curvature of the specially designe...
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  • Lenticular Option

    Lenticular Option

    Lenticular Option IN THICKNESS IMPROVEMENTS What is lenticularization? Lenticularization is a process developed to minimize the edge thickness of a lens •The Lab defines an optimal region (Optical ar...
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