• Bluecut Photochromic Lens Offers the Perfect Protection in Summer Season

In summer season, people are more likely to be exposed to harmful lights, so daily protection of our eyes is especially important.

What kind of eye damage do we encounter?
1.Eye Damage from Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light has three components: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

Nearly 15% of UV-A can reach the retina and damage it. 70% of UV-B can be absorbed by the lens, while 30% can be absorbed by the cornea, so UV-B can hurt both of the lens and the cornea.


2.Eye Damage from Blue Light

Visible light comes in different wavelengths, but the short-wave natural blue light as well as the high-energy artificial blue light emitted by electronic devices can cause the most damage to the retina.


How can we protect our eyes in summer season?

Here we have good news for you - With the breakthrough in our technological research and development, the bluecut photochromic lens has been greatly improved in the overall properties of color.

The first generation of 1.56 UV420 photochromic lens has a bit dark base color, which is the main reason that some customers were reluctant to start this lens product.

Now, the upgraded lens 1.56 DELUXE BLUEBLOCK PHOTOCHROMIC has more clear and transparent base color and the darkness in the sun keeps same.

With this improvement in the color, it is very possible that the bluecut photochromic lens will replace the traditional photochromic lens which is without bluecut function.


Universe Optical cares much about the vision protection and offers several optimized options.

More details about the upgrade 1.56 bluecut photochromic lens is available at: https://www.universeoptical.com/armor-q-active-product/