• How often to replace glasses?

Regarding the proper service life of glasses, many people do not have a definite answer. So how often do you need new glasses in order to avoid the affection on the eyesight?

1. Glasses have the service life
Many people believe that the degree of myopia has been stabilized, and glasses are not food and drugs, which should not have the service life. In fact, compared with other items, glasses are a kind of consumable item.

First of all, glasses are daily used, and the frame is easy to loosen or deform after a long time. Secondly, the lens is prone to yellowing, scratches, cracks and other abrasion. In addition, old glasses cannot correct the current vision when the degree of myopia changes.

These problems can cause many consequences: 1) the deformation of the frame affects the comfort of wearing glasses; 2) the abrasion of lenses causes easily to see things unclear and vision loss; 3) Vision cannot be not properly corrected, especially in the physical development of teenagers, will accelerate the development of myopia.


2. How often to change eye glasses?
How often should you change your glasses? Generally speaking, if there is a deepening of the eye degree, lens abrasion, glasses deformation, etc., it is necessarily to replace the glasses at once.

Teenagers and children: It is recommended to replace the lenses once every six months to a year.
Teenagers and children are in the growth and development period, and the heavy daily academic burden and the large need for close eye use easily lead to the degree of myopia deepened. Therefore, children under the age of 18 should have optic examination every six months. If the degree changes greatly, or glasses abrade seriously, it is necessarily to change the lenses in time.

Adults: It is recommended to replace lenses once a year and a half.
In general, the degree of myopia in adults is relatively stable, but it does not mean that it will not change. It is recommended that adults carry out optometry at least once a year, in order to understand the eye health and vision as well as the abrasion and tear of the glasses, in combination with the daily eye environment and habits, comprehensively evaluate whether to replace.

Senior citizen: The reading glasses should also be replaced as needed.
There is no specific time limit for the replacement of reading glasses. When the senior people feel their eyes sore and uncomfortable during reading, they should go to the hospital to re-check whether the glasses are suitable.


3. How to preserve the glasses?
√Pick and put on glasses with both hands, and place the lens convex upward on the table;
√Often check whether the screws on the eyeglass frame are loose or whether the frame is deformed, and adjust the problem in time;
√Do not wipe lenses with the dry cleaning cloth, it is recommended to use cleaning solution to clean the lenses;
√Do not put the lenses in direct sunlight or high temperature environment.

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