• International Sunglasses Day —June 27

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The history of sunglasses can be traced back to 14th-century China, where judges used glasses made of smoky quartz to conceal their emotions. 600 years later, entrepreneur Sam Foster first introduced modern sunglasses as we know them today in Atlantic City. From then on, the Sunglasses Day takes place every year on June 27. The annual events aims to spread awareness about the importance of wearing sunglasses for ultraviolet protection.

Why is sun protection necessary and important in daily life?

UV rays can harm your eyes. Exposure can cause you to get cataracts 8-10 years earlier than normal. Just one long session in the sun can cause very painful irritation of your corneas. There are more benefits to lenses with 100% UV protection than you realize. Next time you put on your favorite shades, you can take advantage of the following:

1.Protection from UVA and UVB rays

2.Glare reduction

3.Relief from eye strain

4.Aid in preventing macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye diseases

5.Protection against skin cancer in the area around the eyes

6.Shade from bright sunlight, which can prevent headaches

7.Protection from outdoor elements like dirt, debris and wind

8.Wrinkle prevention

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How can I tell if the sunglasses have UV protection? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell if your sunglasses have UV-protection lenses just by looking at them. Nor can you distinguish the amount of protection based on the lens color, as lens tints have nothing to do with UV protection. Here are a few tips when choosing your sun-protective eyewear:

•  Look for a label on the physical product or in their package description that ensures 100% UVA-UVB protection or UV 400.

•  Consider your lifestyle and activities when deciding if you want polarized sunglasses, or photochromic lens or other lens features

•  Know that a darker lens tint does not necessarily provide more UV protection

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