• Italian lens company has vision for China’s future

SIFI SPA, the Italian ophthalmic company, will invest and establish a new company in Beijing to develop and produce high-quality intraocular lens to deepen its localization strategy and support China's Healthy China 2030 initiative, its top executive said.

Fabrizio Chines, SIFI's chairman and CEO, said it is vital for patients to choose the best treatment solutions and lens options to acquire clear sight.

"With the innovative intraocular lens, the implementation procedure can be shortened to a couple of minutes rather than hours as in the past," he said.

The lens in the human eye is equivalent to that of the camera, but as people grow old, it may become blurred until light cannot reach the eye, forming a cataract.


In the history of treating cataracts there was a needle-splitting treatment in ancient China which required the doctor to put a hole in the lens and let a little light leak into the eye. But in modern times, with artificial lenses patients can regain vision by having the eye's original lens replaced.

With the advancement of technology, Chines said there are different intraocular lens options to meet patients' personalized needs. For example, patients in strong need of dynamic vision for sports or driving may consider a continuous visual range intraocular lens.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed the growth potential of the stay-at-home economy, as more people stay home longer and purchase more personal health products such as eye and oral health, skin care and other products, Chines said.