• Quality Inspection of Lens Coating

We, Universe Optical, are one of the very few lens manufacturing companies who is independent and specializing in lens R&D and production for 30+ years. To fulfill our customers’ requirements as best as possible, it is a matter of course for us that every single manufactured lens is inspected after its production and before delivery so that customers can trust and rely on the lens’s quality.

To guarantee the lens quality of each lens/batch, we do many inspections regularly such as: lens appearance inspection including cracks/scratches/dots etc., lens power measurement, prism diopter measurement, diameter & thickness measurement, transmittance measurement, impact resistance measurement, tintability test… During all these inspections, there is a very important inspection on lens coating to guarantee the lens coating hardness, coating adhesion, and coating durability.

Coating Hardness

Our lens coatings undergo rigorous testing for hardness, proven by the Steelwool Test, assuring their ability to withstand life's obstacles.

Quality Inspection of Lens Coating1

Coating Adhesion

No extreme conditions can deter us! Our lenses' AR Coating remains intact even after six cycles of immersion in boiling salty water and cold water; The Hard Coating exhibits remarkable durability, impervious even to the sharpest of cuts.

Quality Inspection of Lens Coating2
Quality Inspection of Lens Coating3
Quality Inspection of Lens Coating4

Coating Anti-reflection Rate

To guarantee the lens coating anti-reflection rate to be within our standard and also the lens coating color to be the same for the lenses from different batches, we do the coating anti-reflection rate test for each batch of lens.

Quality Inspection of Lens Coating5

As a professional and experienced manufacturer, for over 30 years, Universe Optical pays highly attention to the lens inspection. Professional & strict inspection guarantee each lens quality and high quality lenses have enjoyed their good reputation from the customers all over the world. For more information about our products, you can check our website: https://www.universeoptical.com/products/