• Shanghai International Optics Fair 2024 (SIOF 2024)—March 11th to 13th

Universe/TR Booth: HALL 1  A02-B14.

Shanghai Eyewear Expo is one of the largest glass exhibition in Asia, and is also an international exhibition of eyewear industry with most famous brands collections. Scope of exhibits will be as wide as from lens and frames to raw materials and machinery.

As one of the leading professional lens manufactures in China, Universe Optical will exhibit in Shanghai Optics Exhibition every year. We would like to invite all our old friends and new customers to visit our booth, which is located in HALL 1  A02-B14.


For this exhibition, we make a lot of preparations on our products, varied from classic material lens, to hot sale lenses and newly launched lenses.

•MR Series---High index lenses of 1.61/1.67/1.74, premium quality with pure imported monomer from Mitsui in Japan

•Revolution U8---the newest photochromic generation by Spin-coating technology, with perfect pure grey color and revolutionary darkness even in hot districts

•UV Protection Eyeglasses---with newest material and improved coating production, the blueblock lenses can also have crystal clear base and high transmittance

•Myopia Control---specially developed polycarbonate lenses for Children and Teenagers, who’s got reduced vision and need to control and slow down the development of myopia

•WideView Progressive Lens---much wider functional area when looking far, middle and near, with very low astigmatism and no distortion area

•Q-Active UV400 Photochromic Lens---the newest generation of Aspherical photochromic lens from index 1.56 material and meanwhile with full UV protection reaches UV405