• Shanghai International Optics Fair 2024

---Direct access to Universe Optical in Shanghai Show

Flowers bloom in this warm spring and domestic and oversea customers are gathering in Shanghai. The 22nd China Shanghai international eyewear industry exhibition opened successfully in Shanghai. Exhibitors were gathered, every corner is full of commercial activities and innovative atmosphere. Our TR optical and Universe Optical were also joined this wonderful atmosphere with a newest look and latest gesture. We are looking forward to working with you.

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Booth design

TR & Universe optical displayed a simple type which mainly color blue based. Area divides into 4 display areas. Each area has reasonable layout and displayed in bright colors. It attracted a large number of businessmen’s attention to stop their moving steps to watch.

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Exhibition products

In Shanghai exhibition, TR & Universe optical focuses on the exhibition myopia management lenses, harmful light protection lenses, aging glow lenses, special corrective lenses, through the advantages of personalized customized to meet the individual needs of different consumer groups, provide visual solutions for all age groups.

Management Area for myopia

Myopic management lens experience props display attracted a large number of customers' interest, through the Joykid, display the different characteristics of the two types of products (One is done by RX lens and another one is done by stock lens). With the help of creative and interesting design, enhance user experience and product perceived value.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The harmful light protection series through the contrast display props, highlight the 7 features of the moistening Tier 1 high-transmittance light management lenses: high-transmittance, clear, less reflection, more comfortable, super-waterproof, more wear-resistant, double-effect Intelligent anti-blue, anti-glare, more safety, anti-UV, more health, more beautiful appearance, the advantages of lenses are obvious.

Age reduction lens

As a superior product of TR & UO optics, the 3D, 4D and 5D series products were mainly displayed during the Shanghai exhibition. In order to respond to the national call, participate in the whole life cycle eye health work, concerned about young group and the elder’s eye health, TR & Universe optical actively develop innovation, and constantly expand the product matrix.

Special Correction Lens

In a diversified market, in order to meet the individual and diverse needs of consumers, TR & Universe optical has specially introduced a special corrective lens series, including strabismus correction custom lenses, amblyopia correction custom lenses, anisometropia correction custom lenses, with its unique product advantages have received a lot of customer attention. 

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Other displayed lens

In the show, Universe optical also displayed lots of lens such as Transition lens, Spin coat photochromic lens Bifocal Lenses, Trivex Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses, Polarized sunglass Lenses in different index.

For the coating types, universe optical can showed their full and gradient tinted lens, Anti-reflection coating lens, Scratch-Resistant Coating, Mirrored Coating Lenses, Anti-Fog Coating and block blue light coating ect,. All of these different coating selections can meet different marketing’s requirements.

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