• some misunderstandings about myopia

Some parents refuse to accept the fact that their children are nearsighted. Let's take a look at some of the misunderstandings they have about wearing glasses.


There is no need to wear glasses since mild and moderate myopia is self-cured
All of the true myopia is resulted from the change of the eye axis and the growth of the eyeball, which will cause the light not to focus on retina normally. Thus the myopia cannot see things far away clearly.
Another situation is that the eye axis is normal, but the refraction of the cornea or lens has changed, which will also result into that the light cannot focus on retina properly.
Both of the above situations are irreversible. In other words, the true myopia is not self-cured.



The myopia degree will rise faster once you wear glasses
On the contrary, wearing glasses correctly can delay the progression of myopia.  With the help of glasses, the light entering your eyes is fully focused on the retina, allowing your visual function and vision to return to normal and preventing the development of defocus myopia.  


Your eyes will be deformed when you wear glasses
When you observe the myopia, you will find that their eyes are big and protuberant after they take off their glasses. This is because most of the myopia is axial myopia. The axial myopia is with longer eye axis, which will make your eyes looks protuberant. And also when you take off the glasses, the light will defocus after entering into your eyes. So the eyes will be glazed. In a word, it is myopia, not glasses, which causes eyes deformation.


It doesnt matter to be nearsighted, since you can heal it by operation when grow up
Currently, there is no way to heal the myopia all over the world. Even the operation cannot do so and the operation is irreversible. When your cornea is cut to be thinner, it will not able to be returned. If your myopia degree rises again after operation, it is not able to do operation again and you will have to wear glasses.


Myopia is not horrible, and we need to correct our understanding. When your children get nearsighted, you need to take the proper actions, such as choosing a pair of reliable glasses from Universe Optical. Universe Kid Growth Lens adopts the "asymmetric free defocus design", according to the characteristics of children's eyes. It takes consideration of the different aspects of the life scene, eye habit, lens frame parameters, etc., which greatly improves the adaptability of all-day wearing.
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