• Sport protection lens ensures safety during sport actions

September, the back-to-school season is upon us, which means kids’ after school sports activities are in full swing. Some eye health organization, has declared September as Sports Eye Safety Month to help educate the public on the importance of wearing the proper eye protection while playing sports. Some data shows that there were lots of sports-related eye injuries treated.

For children aging 0-12, “pools and water sports” have the highest rate of injuries. These types of injuries may include eye infections, irritations, scratches or trauma.


We strongly recommend that athletes of any age wear protective eyewear when participating in sports. Prescription glasses, sunglasses and even occupational safety glasses do not provide adequate eye protection.

Not only for kids, but also for adults, when they watch the sports in sporting events, they should also be careful. Balls, bats, and players can end up in the stands at any time. Spectators should keep their eyes on the game and watch out for foul balls and other flying objects.


So, Wearing the proper eye protection while playing sports is essential to protecting healthy vision today and in the future. And for protecting eye when sporting, Universe Optical introduces material polycarbonate and trivex combined with designs such as I-venture design, Sporthin single vision and other sport lens designs for helping people to attend different kinds of sports activities.

Our professional sports optical solution can make sure you are using the correct eye protection for your sport and your individual needs.

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