• The 24th International Congress Of Ophthalmology and Optometry Shanghai China 2024

From April 11 to 13, the 24th International COOC congress was held at the Shanghai International Purchasing Convention and Exhibition Center. In this period, leading ophthalmologists, scholars and youth leaders gathered in Shanghai in various forms, such as special lectures, summit forums and so on, to present the clinical progress of ophthalmology and visual science domestically and abroad.

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Multi-theme boards and activities are carefully arranged in the venue, optometry exhibition area has been expanded from optometry ophthalmology testing equipment to visual training instruments systems, AI intelligent testing, eye care products, optometry chain organizations, optometry training and other fields.

In this congress, the most worthy of people's attention is the prevention and control of myopia. This new products become the highlight of the exhibition. Universe Optical also has the new product of IOT kid myopia management lens.

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Myopia is a major global public health problem. In our country, myopia has become a social phenomenon can not be ignored. In March this year, the National Disease Control Bureau monitoring data showed that in 2022, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in our country was 51.9% , including 36.7% in primary schools, 71.4% in junior high schools and 81.2% in senior high schools. Based on this status, universal optical is committed to the research of myopia prevention and control lenses.

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Myopia management lens from Universal Optical company experience props display attracted a large number of customers' interest. Universe optical named this lens as “JOYKID”

Joykid myopia control lenses, display the different characteristics of the two types of products (One is done by RX lens and another one is done by stock lens). With the help of creative and interesting design, enhance user experience and product perceived value.

This kind of myopia control lenses has below characteristics.

● Progressive asymmetric defocus horizontally at nasal and temple sides.

● Addition value of 2.00D at lower part for near vision task.

● Available by all indexes and materials.

● Thinner than the equivalent standard negative lens.

● Same power and prism ranges than standard free-form lenses.

● Proved by clinical trial results (NCT05250206) with astonishing 39% lower increase in axial length growth.

● Very comfortable lens that provides good performance and sharpness for distance, intermediate and near vision.

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For more information about Universe Optical’s  JOYKID myopia lens, please do not hesitate to visit our website below,