• Universe Optical Launch customized Instant photochromic lens

On the June 29 of 2024, Universe Optical launched the customized instant photochromic lens to international market. This kind of instant photochromic lens use organic polymer photochromic materials to change color intelligently, automatically adjusts the color of the lens according to the light intensity, is sensitive to the light change, and adapts to different environments, protect your eyes from bright light.


Summer, is the season of warm sunshine, but also our close contact with nature the perfect moment. Are you ready for the fun of the outdoors in this vibrant season, but are you worried that the intense UV rays will hurt your eyes? You may need a suitable discoloration lens that provides a full range of protection for your eyes on a hot summer day.


Universe optical’s instant photochromic lens adopts coating color-changing process, which can change color evenly and rapidly under different light conditions, thus providing better vision adaptability and comfort.


Universe optical’s instant photochromic lens with an automatic ultra-high-speed vacuum spin coating technology, which uses the curvilinear motion of molecules to evenly distribute the film layer, color change faster, more uniform color change.


Its benefits as below,

•  Universe Optical use leading spin coating technology, primer, color-changing layer, protective layer triple coating fusion.
•  The intelligent robot is introduced to realize the uniform adhesion of the color-changing layer in the automatic spin-coating process, can avoid artificial operation resulting in discordance of color depth, color uneven and other artificial errors.
•  According to the prescription photometry, frame size and other data to,this kind of instant photochromic lens can do personalized customization. Its can also be added function on prism, central thickness reduction, equal thickness and weight, big base curve and others.
•  Client can choose different colors,such as gray, brown, green.These three main colors can meet the daily needs of most customers.


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