• Universe Optical Will Exhibit in Mido Eyewear Show 2024 from Feb. 3rd to 5th

MIDO Eyewear Show is the leading event in the eyewear industry, an exceptional event that has been at the heart of business and trends in the eyewear world for over 50 years. The show gathering all the players in the supply chain, from lens and frame manufacturers to raw materials and machinery; from large multinationals to small innovative companies; from well-known or emerging designers to start-ups and accessories, offers various opportunities for business.

Universe Optical, as one of the leading professional lens manufacturers in China, will exhibit in Mido 2024, showing our innovative lens products, communicating to our regular customers and searching the cooperation opportunities with new customers.

In Mido, Universe Optical plans to display the following popular and innovative lens products.

MR High Index Series: index 1.61/1.67/1.74 finished and semi-finished. Clear/Bluecut/Photochromic. Raw material from Mistui, Japan offering the superior optical feature and comfortable vision experience.

Myopia Control: index 1.59 PC. Periphery Defocusing Design. Green coating/Low reflection coating. A popular lens product helping control the myopia of Children and Teenagers.

Superior Bluecut HD lens with Low Reflection coatings: High clarity. Non-yellow. Various choices of premium low reflection coatings as well as the customized coatings.

Photochromic Spin coat U8: index 1.499/1.53/1.56/1.6/1.67/1.59 PC finished and semi-finished. Pure grey and brown colors. Clear base. Fast change. Perfect darkness. Temperature endurance.

MagiPolar lens: index 1.499/1.6/1.67/1.74 finished and semi-finished

SunMax Premium tinted lens with prescription, index 1.5/1.61/1.67 finished and semi-finished. Perfect color consistency. Perfect color endurability/longevity.

MIDO is an ideal place for business: making contacts, communicating to a large international audience and discovering the latest market trends. So Universe Optical would like to invite all of you to attend this fair and visit our booth (Hall 7-G02 H03) to have a look at our lens products and share the opinion with each other. We believe that this meet will be fruitful and a good experience for both of you and Universe Optical.


Except the above popular and innovative lens products, if you have the demand on the other lenses, you can find the information from our website https://www.universeoptical.com/products/, and contact us. Our professional sales will give you more introductions about our whole lens series.