• Fast Change Photochromic

Fast Change Photochromic

New generation of photochromic lens by material, with excellent photochromic performance in faster darkening & fading speed, and darker color after change.

Product Detail

Reflective Index 1.56
Colors Grey, Brown, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple
Available Finished & Semi-finished: SV, Bifocal, Progressive
Advantages of Q-Active

Outstanding Color Performance

Fast color of changing, from transparent to dark and vice versa.
Perfectly transparent indoors and at night, adapting spontaneously to varying light conditions.
Very dark color after change, the deepest color can be up to 75~85%.
Excellent color consistency before and after change.

UV Protection

Perfect blockage of harmful solar rays and 100% UVA & UVB.

Durability of Color Change

Photochromic molecules are evenly distributed in lens material and keep active year by year, which ensure durable and consistent color change.


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