• Spincoat Photochromic

Spincoat Photochromic

REVOLUTION is the breakthrough SPIN COAT technology on photochromic lens. The surface photochromic layer is very sensitive to lights, providing very quick adaption to different environments of various illuminations. The spin coat technology ensures rapid change from transparent base color indoors to deep dark outdoors, and vice versa.

Product Detail



Photochromic by spin coating

Reflective Index 1.499,1.56,1.60,1.67,1.71
Colors Grey, Brown
UV Normal UV, UV++
Designs Spherical, Aspherical
Available Finished, Semi-finished
Outstanding Properties

Super clear indoors, and turn deep dark outdoors

Faster speed of darkening and fading

Homogeneous color across the surface of the lens

Available with different indexes

Available with bluecut lens in different indexes

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